Cowrie Earrings Sterling Silver

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Cowrie Shells circulated as a medium of exchange in Asia, Africa, Oceania and North America. The cowrie shell, in particular, was the form of currency in West Africa during the transatlantic slave trade. These earrings are perfect for everyday wear and can layer easily with hoops. A small reminder of the islands!

  • Engraved Cowrie Shell Post 
  • Drops 1/2"
  • Composition: Sterling Silver 
  • Designed in New York and Made in India

Each of the cultures listed above have made an impact / influence on the island. Jam and Rico traveled to the South side of Aruba to a national park where we traversed through a narrow path leading to a serene lake tangled with twigs, branches and trees. Our jewelry caught the gaze of the warm Sun while it peeked through the deep green trees and vines. The Sun is what makes the Caribbean so inviting, welcoming, loving  and hot! We wanted to highlight natures number one nurturer the "Sun" while experiencing One Happy Island of Aruba.

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