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Moisture Boost Cream

Our Universal Pro-Bio Moisture Boost Cream is the partner in crime to our Universal C Skin Refiner with a cult following of its own. This probiotic barrier cream is a unique, light-as-air daily moisturizer packed full of probiotics from rare reishi mushroom extract and ceramides. Our barrier cream revitalizes dull, dehydrated skin by repairing the moisture barrier function.

Apply our barrier cream for 24 hours of hydration leaving skin refreshed and supple. Unlike other barrier creams, there is no heave, greasy feel.


  • Light-as-air gel-cream hybrid texture drenches skin without a heavy or greasy feel 
  • Provides 24-hours of hydration 
  • Repair dull, rough, dehydrated, irritated, and oily skin by bringing balance to the skin’s protective moisture barrier
  • Leaves skin plump and glowing 

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